Mystery Figure - Would like some help identifying it

A few years ago I bought a model kit from ebay and when I recieved the kit I recieved this figure, the seller said to just keep it and sent me what I actually purchased. I was wondering if anyone know the maker and line of figures this guy belongs to. Thank you for your help.

That’s a “Cold War” trooper for sure!

This is a real challenge… have spent some time looking on internet but nothing! I have no idea what it can be…

Maybe @Frenchy , our resident google bot, can find it…


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nope. I could not finad anything either. Looks like a 75mm fig? Well sculpted and cast!

It has a definite “Dust” vibe. I also searched the web and came up short. I would be very interested in learning more about this fella.

Maybe you could try to get in touch with the Italian shop mentioned on the box. They are on Facebook :


I did a search on their site already and it is certainly not there… So indeed, you must hope someone with a good memory can point him in the right direction…

Thank you all. I sent Al Soldatine Modellismo a message via Facebook to see if they remember.

Any news? I am SUPER curious.

Sorry no news, I sent a message to Al Soldatine Modellismo via Facebook and they have not even looked at the message.