Mystery Figure

Can anyone identify the following figure?

Seems too big for 1/35 scale to me.


It’s a Warrior US Marine tanker.

Measure him. If he is 50 mm, he is app. 70" (50 mm = 2 “; so in 1/35, 1 " = 35”, and 2" = 70", or 5’ - 10" ), although statistics might tell you average heights were shorter in WWll periods. It might have much simpler if Tamiya-san had decided on 1/36 as his standard!
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Easy fix Richard, cut him off just under the fold of his fatigues where the gaiters meet and shave a couple of millimeters off until you think he matches your other figures and superglue him back.

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Thanks for your help!


Not too sure, but looks like a guy going through “winter” training. Ha!