N.C.F. Decals | Armorama

Archer Fine Transfers announces its initial releases using its latest innovation -- No Clear Film (N.C.F.) decals.

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Sounds like a real win-win; wonder why Archer had to change from dry-rub transfers. Guess I’ll have to go to their site and read-on.

Because dry transfer technology is a thing of the past. What designers used to do with dry transfers they now do with computers. As such, getting the materials and supplies necessary to produce dry transfers is becoming very difficult, if not impossible. This notice from Archer was posted on Armorama in September:

Thirty-plus years ago the dry transfer technology that put the “Fine” in Archer Fine Transfers was state of the art - today it’s obsolete. Originally used by graphic designers to show clients what their packaging would look like, today all of that is done with computers and printers that print the same design directly onto the package prototype for a tiny fraction of the price. As a consequence, the demand for dry transfer chemistry has declined dramatically.

When I started this business thirty-plus years ago we could buy the required chemicals from numerous different suppliers. Today there is only one, and the only company that manufactures the key ingredient, an adhesive with an extended shelf life, has informed our supplier that it is now no longer available. Sadly, this leaves Archer with no option other than to discontinue manufacturing our dry transfers.