Nakajima B5N2 Kate Out Soon | AeroScale

Infinity Models will be releasing soon their resin and plastic injected based 1:32 scale Nakajima B5N Kate

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This will give die-hard 1/32 scale junkies a fix to compensate for the Border Models Kate. Would love to see a side-by-side review of the two. Border will be an easier build, since no resin. And I’d like to see a price comparison.

WOW! Christmas is early in 2024!!!

If it’s like their Helldiver then it will be pricey and won’t include much of the interior unless you buy the separate upgrades.

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It does not look to have a folded wing option… Hopefully they give a proper weapon’s load out option, since AI-301 carried a bomb at Pearl Harbor and not one of the modified torpedoes.

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If it’s like the Val they will have a folded wing upgrade.


Then who carried the famous wooden finned torpedoes if not the Kate?

Other Kates carried the torpedoes during the Pearl Harbor attack. AI-301 was the mission commanders aircraft and flew as part of the high level bombers that attacked battleship row using 14” naval gun shells that had been converted into aerial bombs. One of those bombs, dropped by a different aircraft, was responsible for the hit on USS Arizona that resulted in her cataclysmic loss.

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