Name plates on the michael tank

The plate on the michael tank been repainted (I think) or it may have changed, does anyone have any proof of this, or know when it was changed? I doubt it has been changed as the weld looks the same and it appers that there is a border in the ww2 photos. I think that the ww2 nameplate is brass and the letters where painted but this appears to have been changed to brass letters and a red background. Does anyone have any photos/evidence of when/what has been changed.
This is the original

This is the modern one

To me they look different… :roll_eyes: BUT if so, why did they replace them… :thinking:



EDIT : looks like the new plate just cover the old one


Could there be a difference in the plates on the opposite sides since the old photo shows the right side and the new photo shows the left? Not exactly comparing apples to apples, etc.

I guess they did the same on the other side…

Even though it’s less obvious


What is the applied red triangle for? It is also not original.
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According to the info found here :

" Michael" is listed in the Lulworth Camp Report as “Mild Steel,” and a triangular warning plate with “UNARMOURED” was (and still is) affixed to the right side of the hull. Perhaps a Brinell Hardness test could determine the composition of the metal, but we suspect that the tank was labeled “Mild Steel” simply because it was not “combat ready.”


That is interesting but as one question is answered another one dawns, why was it covered over? There is very little differsnce perhans it was damaged.