Name that vehicle

what dis? when dis? :clown_face:

I found it finally. Growler. Move along nothing to see here… :roll_eyes:

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The M1161 Growler.

yep, first time ever seeing it.

It’s not really popular with the US Marines as it’s very expensive, unarmored, and narrow. The USMC uses the MRZR more.

The reason for the M1161 Growler was that it can fit inside the V-22, but so can the Polaris MRZR.

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C-5 Galaxy…of which I have 4,987 flight hours upon. Or…are you talking about that jeepny looking 4 wheel thingy? :grin:


that Growler would blend in on a Manila street with the rest of the Jepneys.

A staple of local transpostation. If you’ve ever been stationed at Clark AB or at Subic Bay; you know these were EVERYWHERE…