Namera engineer conversion for Meng's 1/35th scale Namer

This conversion gives the parts to make a standard IDF combat engineer version of their Namera.
Rear corridor side wall.
Rear Left hand side panel, with separate doors for the ramp control panel and small storage locker.
Rear top boxes, with the Left hand side one, having space next to the box for mine shoes and jerry cans extra. The right hand side box has a real for a cable.


Totally awesome work. If you ever decide to sell these 3D prints then i’ll be here with :dollar: :moneybag:


Me too. Big time.

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They are for sale. Drop me an email or message, and I’ll give you the prices and postage.
At the moment, it is just the Puma baskets and the Namera conversion, but more will be coming in the next few months.