NASA And The M113

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I happened to find that Decalcomaniacs makes a set of NASA decals for the M113. Naturally I wonder what NASA would be using the M113 for.

For firefighter transport.

We’ve recently discussed it in this excellent Shuttle Launch Complex thread:

Also for astronaut evac if needed.

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Rescue vehicles.

They also use an M577 as a HAZMAT Response Vehicle.



Waiting at the bottom of a Zip Line, if I recall correctly. Replaced by MRAPs or similar?



As I understand, they used them for rescue purposes…
Former 113 driver, crewman, commander, with the NASA display M113 at Kennedy Space Center a few years back…

Yep, I’ve been inside that one. They had it at Moffett Field back in the 90s when I was stationed there.

Oops! I left out a “T” in Moffett.

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Yes; they replaced the tracked M113s for these BAE Caiman wheeled MRAPs.

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That 577 is very James Bond-ish looking

Another project waiting for someone to grab the reins. All measurements have been taken along with hendreds of photos…

Yeah! Way above my pay grade. I’ll build a kit and do a little styrene work, but from scratch, that on a different level.

I meant one of the styrene companies, but I"d like to see Nick give it a try.

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Silly me for not just looking this up: NASA M113 Armored Rescuer - Tank Encyclopedia (

When you think about it, such a vehicle would be at best a curiosity piece, seeing that such vehicles were never used for their intended purpose. (I cannot help but be reminded of the rocket that went up in flames and killed astronaut Grissom.)

Back in the 1960s, they were used for the Mercury and Gemini programs - Very ‘Thunderbirds’.

The coating on some of the vehicles is an asbestos heat-resistant paste.




Some more


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Ken, Moffet field out near Pensacola? Just wondering if it’s the same my dad used to fly in and out of when he was in primary in the 60’s at NAS Pensacola.

No, Moffett Field/Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California, located at the southern tip of San Francisco Bay. They were developing/testing the XHRV-1 there in the 1990s. I don’t know if it was ever actually deployed or used. It was intended to go in and rescue people in a haz-mat environment; rocket fuels are extremely toxic and nasty.

What is rocket fuel anyway? The original S-75 missiles used kerosene for its fuel.