Nashorn pieces parts

Working on a tamiya 1/48 Nashorn. What is the pipe looking thing on the right side, interior, under the gun mount? Looks like an exhaust pipe but its an odd place for one. Heater doesn’t look likely either. Also, anybody have a few 1/48 KwK 43 , 88mm shells looking for a good home? Looking for 2-3 empties and 2-3 ready rounds for the Nashorn. Danke.
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IIRC, it’s a heater for the crew.

Yes it is.

Ah. Looks like it would be pretty localized. Would have thought a vent across the bottom would be more practical. But I guess it was better than nothing. Of a related nature… were the Stabs/ command Nashorns the only ones with the radio at the rear of the fighting compartment. I read that the radio operator (in the front) had issues operating it because it was located there. Which implies to me the main set was in with him and the command set was in the rear. Would a “line” vehicle just have the forward set? Would there have been an empty rack in the rear?