National Veteransday, 25-06-2022, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Each year, on the last Saturday of June, the Dutch veterans are being put in the spotlight in Den Haag.
At these events, the Dutch army shows (part of ) their material currently in use, but also some museum pieces.
Ofcourse, being a veteran, I am there whenever I can…
Specially for this site, I decided to do a thorough report of the material present.

Enjoy the pictures…


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Thanks for taking the time to post the images Erwin… Looks like it was a good event with some nice it’s of kit :+1:

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You’re welcome John… It indeed was a great event. Met lots of old and new friends. The event was aired on national television too. And guess whos face was there, smack in the middle on screen?

(The guy with the white flower on his chest)


Thanks for the pictures, some interesting vehicles there! Do you know the story behind that YPR-765 with the ERA mock-up? It is a wooden mock-up by the looks of it, certainly not a real ERA armour package. I’ve never seen this particular vehicle before, only the DMO prototype in Soesterberg.

Hi Jasper,

You’re welcome!
This one must have come from the NMM in Soesterberg. According to their website they have the only YPR-ERA of the country. Apparently it was used in Afghanistan…

YPR-ERA pantserrups - Nationaal Militair Museum (

That is not this vehicle. The one in Soesterberg is an actual YPR-ERA, while this is just a mock-up. Here’s the one from Soesterberg, I was lucky enough to be given a tour of it recently. It wasn’t used in Afghanistan however, this is the prototype on which DMO conducted testing. It never left the country. The vehicles used in Afghanistan were never shipped back apparently, but it’s unknown what happened to them.

Great pictures and an interesting event no doubt; 'nice to see the YP 408 - one of my favourites, together with the DAF 66 YA (not shown).

Thanks for the information. I didn’t really investigate the vehicle while there. Maybe next year…