NATO and Warsaw Pact Tanks of the Cold War | Armorama™

If the Cold War had turned hot then this title will give you some idea of how the armoured forces would have faired.

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Soviet 155mm armed T-63? I hope that’s a typo…

I think they meant the T-62 which was armed with a 115mm main gun.


That would be my guess as well regarding typos… somebody had sausage fingers like I often do… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Sad to say Darren even appears to have sausage fingers vide “The final WP Cold War MBTs were the T-64, T-72 and T-80 all with 122mm main armament.”. They were not so equipped; their armament was 125mm.

'Not too sure about expending money for this - Cold War fan that I am (it, after all, was indeed, my war); Pen & Sword can be a mixed bag. Whilst I’m all for readily available references for Cold War scenarios, I’m not too sure, on the face of it, that this will fill any perceived gaps. It is of course, appallingly difficult for “what-if” scenarios to be discussed, with any degree of accuracy - obviously. Sadly, I suspect this book doesn’t cover what it purports so to do.

I’d say that’s a safe suspicion. The strength and quality of each side varied substantially over the decades. NATO in the early to mid 60’s relative to the Pact, compared to the early/mid 70’s, and again a decade later in the early/mid 80’s are each completely different scenarios regarding likely outcomes. Especially regarding the US Army.

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