NATO jerry can color Afghanistan

Was curious what color nato water cans, and fuel cans would have been in Afghanistan circa 2005. I’ve seen them online in nato green, sand, and black. I need to add two water cans and one fuel can to my leoaprd c2 build and would like to add a pop of color with sand water and black fuel cans but wanted to confirm if this is accurate

We (SF, not the 'Royal" we) mainly use tan ones in '02.


thanks for the pic!! Was that for water? And fuel in black?

Three handled cans for fuel, single handles for water. Tan for both, most of the time. I had green fuel cans as well. We burned through a lot of fuel on missions.

Perfect! Thank you. Wasn’t sure if they would be color coded. The kit supplies both the single handled and double handles with the correct stamping on each.

Thanks for the help!

Cdn issue cans, black for water, green (olive, actually) for fuel.

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Thank you! Was gonna paint them sand tonight. Will go with the green and black