Neatfi desk lamp 3500 lumens

If you don’t own one of these lights you are missing out. This task light is so bright. Worth every penny. Two hundred dollars on Amazon. Saves the eyes. I have the previous model but it was only 2500 lumens.


Is the color temp listed anywhere (ie 5000K)?


3000-6000 depending on what setting you use. I have the non CCT version.


Nice. I have an Ottlite pdestal hobby lamp that I got from Joann Fabrics for $83.


This is the lamp I bought last year for my table. it fits right behind my monitor (my desk is my work table) and it illuminates the table surface nicely without much glare.


KableRika LED Desk Lamp, 24W Brightest Architect Desk Lamp for Home Office, 31.5" Wide Tall Desk Lamp with Clamp, Dimmable Task Lamp, Auto Setting, 6 Color Modes for Office Lighting/Workbench/Monitor - -

I have a little bedside reading lamp with a 100 watt equivalent led projector lamp in it for more intense detail work.


Have you ever tried a Led arch for your workbench? I made one myself and I wouldn´t change it for any lamp available in the market. You can also change light color and intensity and also provides ambient lights and strobo, ultra useful if you suffer from seizures…

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The Neatfi looks great, but how close do you have to bring it down to do modeling work?

I have two 16W Ottlight brass lamps and they’re fixed height. They work for me, but they use curly florescent daytime bulbs of high lumens and color temps. I’m open to LED at a might higher height.

About 2 feet. Depends on what I am working on. This thing is bright.