Need 1/16th scale buckles for US Armor

I’m looking for PE or 3D printed buckles (for 2" webbing,) for securing 5 gal fuel cans, tents, packs etc. etc. to post cold war era US armor. I’ve googled, checked E-Bay, Etsy, Shapeways (No, I’m not as smart as shapeways search engine, got over 114K hits on over 2100 pages, of everything BUT buckles, I don’t know how to drill down Shapeways engine for a narrower response)

I did find a gentleman on ETSY who has what appears to be a nice 3D printed buckle/short tail of a belt. But it’s an STL file, I don’t have a 3D printer nor the knowledge required…
I don’t have a real preference, PE or 3D.

In the vast arena of knowledge in this forum, might anyone have a source for such an item. (I “need” about 50)

Thank you & Best regards,

Larry A. Cobb

Hello Larry!
If you can provide me with rough sketches of what you need, preferably with dimensions, then I could put the things you need on Shapeways for you. Please let me know if you are interested.
Good luck with your builds and have a nice day

You can make buckles out of fuse wire - just a squared figure 8 around the tip of long nose pliers