Need an extra pair of eyes

I bought the Academy Tiger I Gruppe Fehrmann, Essel 1945 kit and I’m planning to build the F01 Tiger
I went through the instructions and they give you a zimmerit choice for the hull

The paint & decal page shows no zimmerit on the hull, but you can choose to put on or not

I studied a couple of pics and I see the zimmerit on the turret, but can’t tell if the hull has any due to the impact hole on the side

Does anyone know if F01 had zimmerit on the hull

Looks like there was no Zimmerit on the hull…


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To my eye I think you can see Zimm on the hull under the drivers hatch area ?

Image from online and for reference only.

Front view :

The jury’s still out on it :roll_eyes:


Ha! Look at the shadow of the barrel across the front of the hull near the drivers area. The shadow line is straight and smooth there are no irregularities do to a rough surface. I’m going with smooth surface on the hull.

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I agree, no zimmerit on the hull. In the picture @Frenchy supplied, there is clear zimmerit on the turret, but not on the hull. I find it hard to imagine a scenario in which the same lighting and picture quality would show obvious shadows from zimmerit on the turret but not the hull.

Pretty sure F01 was a Frankentiger.

It seems to be smooth

In the RFM instructions they call out four or five tanks, and seems like they were all configured differently. Still I do remember tanks with a clean hull and vise versa. I’ll see if I can dig out the instruction sheet from one of the kits I have. Also the Zimmerit varies if memory is right (pattern)