Need color palette for sbd dautless

Need a sample of the colors painted on the SBD Dauntless in WW II in the pacific theatre:
specifically: VS SBD3 2- S -12 from the aircraft carrier Lexington 1942

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As is obvious, this is not a Dauntless, but the colors are the same, and from the same period:

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Light Gull Grey FS 36440 and Blue Grey FS 35189 was the Pacific scheme into early-mid 1943.

Here is a review of a paint set with the airbrushed colors set upon chips of the book Official Monogram US Navy & Marine Corps Aircraft Color Guide Vol. 2 - 1940-1949.

Poofer, welcome to the site. Many good and helpful people here.

Detail & Scale have an excellent book about the Dauntless that includes scrutinizing a SBD-3, and a chapter about SBD colors:

Welcome aboard. AK has set of WW2 US Navy and Marine that has the colors you need. WWII US Navy and USMC Aircraft Color Set (6) by AK Interactive

A local club member and Naval Aviation expert William Reece recommended this set to me. I have the set for a Wildcat I need to finish so I cannot tell you yet about how well it worked.