Need help finding Mikey Bugs

Hi all, Im trying to buy some side marking lights/reflectors and saw M&S Productions do them. Can anyone help with contact info. I’d rather avoid FB.

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He should answer up shortley as he frequents the site.


Sure @MikeyBugs and should be along soon.

On that page you can scroll down below “Box Contents,” “Designed For,” “Instructions,” and “Stash” to “Marketplace” and see where it’s being sold. It’s currently on Hobby Market.

You can see it here:

Thanks guys. Order placed, couldnt buy just one set as its below their mailing limit. So I bought two.

Now have 120 side reflectors so should be OK for awhile………


Glad I can help. The lights are quick to print but it’ll be a little bit of while. Still working on a backlog from when my printer went down.

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