Need help id-ing wheels on M1 antitank gun

What kind if wheels/tires are fitting on this M1 gun?
And are those available in 1/35?

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Looks like Dodge WC series wheels.


The tires have long grooves on the tread area, different than what Frenchy is showing. Could they be a civilian tire?



Looks like Frenchy found them

There are 8 variants of the U.S. M1 57mm Anti-tank gun on scalemates:
Only one shows ‘Civvy’ tyres.

# U.S. M1 57mm Anti-tank gun on M1A3 Carriage (early version) Riich.Models | No. RV35019 | 1:35

This has civvy & military pattern tyres shown in the pdf instructions.

None of the 6pdr walkarounds here show civvy tyres, so they appear to be early model variations.

Other Artillery pieces, especially the 105mm howitzer and 155mm M1 ‘Long Tom’ were commonly seen with civvy pattern tyres, at least in WW2

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Good catch!

Once again, Frenchy comes through like a bolt from the blue, keepoing all true. (Hey! it rhymes too). :rofl:

My pleasure, guys !




Anyone know if there are plastic versions available?
Paying 2x kitprice for 4 wheels, when I only need 2 feels a bit… too much.

Hi Ho Silver! OOPS. Sorry, wrong T.V. show.

I know that there were Frenchmen in old Mexico, but… :wink:

They aren’t necessarily early production carriages or tires, or civilian tires. Tires with a Highway tread could be Combat construction (i.e. military run flat) or Standard construction (i.e. civilian). The rubber shortage had its greatest impact on tires in 1944, before synthetic rubber had been fully developed and introduced into production. In this period various tire sizes were changed from Mud and Snow alternate lug treads to Highway treads to conserve rubber or increase production rates.


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But many pictures of the era do. Most I could find anyway.

Kurt, thanks for the explanation, Combat construction or Highway/Standard (“Civvy”) makes sense

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Please share if you have further pics/info

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Even with both versions on one piece!


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And the British…

Here you go @jon_a_its

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The FC wheels are in quite crappy, IMHO. Packaging is also misleading as the ones provided “look” for WC series 3/4 ton, but ambulance portrayed is a 1/2 tonner, which had quite different wheels. Fine research. Would look for a better alternative.

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