Need help identifying piece: archer

I am building broncos archer and i am at the stage of detail painting stuff in the fighting compartment. I know what most of the objects are but one. Thos piece here (the brown one)

Broncos kit just points to the whole thing and says “leather for the color”. I would like to Google it to get an idea of color but that is hard to do without owning the name. Anyone know what it is? I suspect it might be a case for a spare periscope

That would be my guess based on the general outline of it.

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I believe it’s a British Dial Sight Case. Here’s a link with a description:


Fantastic! That is the sight on the archer. Much appreciated

Yes, it is the storage case for when the vehicle is in transit away from the front lines. It was very common for all armies to remove these items from towed artillery and AT pieces until needed. The 17 pounder was designed as a towed weapon initially.

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