Need help selecting a resin or 3D printed engine

I am building the Hawaiian Funny Car in 1/24th. I want to replace the engine with a sharper and more detailed engine. What companies can you recommend?

Polar Lights? If so, what’s wrong with the kit engine?
I doubt anyone makes a 3D printed engine specific to that car. If so, it seems that would be your only choice.
If you know a lot about the particular engine I might suggest some of the old Revell funny car kits. Maybe mix and match parts to get what you want.

It was a Dodge, right? Maybe this would make a good base engine:

There are some really nice 3D printed engines on eBay. I have bought a couple in 1/35 for truck kits.

Dodge Hemi 3D models

I like this company

I second them. I have bought a couple of their engines. They are very nice,

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Yes the Revell kit. They were running the blown 426.

Thank you! 5 engines on the way.