Need Help With AK 3rd Gen Paint Colors

Currently I am using Tamiya paints for airbrushing and mostly Vallejo Model Color and Model Air for brush painting. I did however, recently tried a bottle of AKs Gen 3 paint and it seemed to work pretty well. I really like Tamiya paints, but for some reason I’m getting to where I can’t hack spraying it because of the fumes… and that is using their acrylic thinner. So, I want to try a water based acrylic and AK 3rd Gen looks promising.
Here’s the question:
I can’t seem to find any cross referencing for certain colors. the color names are pretty vague in name, like and grey, medium grey, dark grey. Specifically, in this case I would like to know what colors I would need for modern USAF aircraft. I have and F-16 project coming up that I want to get paint for.

The only process I know of is rather laborious. If someone has already done the work for the colors you want, that will make it easier. But, if not, you can get a chart like this on the ak-interactive website that shows what some “equivalents” to the color is in other paint lines. Here is an example:

There is a chart underneath you can click on called equivalences. I’m not sure how close the equivalents are, but it can at least give you a start.

I’ve had modest success with ak 3g. The first bottles I got sprayed beautifully. Since then it has been a little more hit or miss.

Do you use a mask when you spray? The mask I use completely eliminates the fumes while I have it on. But I have a separate area in my basement so when I’m done I’m out of the area and realize that’s not always possible.

Have you seen their conversion chart? if you can get the equivalent from other brand you should be able to find which 3gen you need (remember PDF files are searchable):

Nice find! I’ll have to compare some of their colors to Tamiya and see how close their equivalences are…

I have an app on my Android tablet called “Hobby Color Converter”, its not super intuitive however playing around and swaping out the paint manufactures you’ll start to find some great references across on brands and particular colors and shades. You can work off of RAL, RLM and FS for instance and you’ll see various brands if they make it or you can search for a particular brand and color and find equivilant alternatives. Give it a try, for free its the right price and I do keep it handy at my desk when selecting paint. Now if I could only remember which color I sprayed originally on some of those shelf queens! Need a tool for that (other than the obvious which is write it down!) I do find this handy as I’m in the US and some kits list paints that I cant always find at an economical price (if at all due to shipping concerns). Note this doesnt provide formulas for mixing colors to arrive at the right shade but it has plenty of color chips by paint brand in a nice size sample that should allow you to guess-timate and compare or find a suitable substitute.