Need help with Fw 190 D9 centerline drop tank details

Hi all - working on two 1/48 Eduard Fw 190s -
The Dora fuselage drop tank has no sway braces and the instructions are very vague . I have searched my references and the net and can’t find any clear pictures .
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks - Richard

Here’s what the 300 liter drop tank looks like on a A-8


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Thanks Frenchy ! Yet again you have provided answers… Merci beaucoup mom ami !

You’re welcome Richard. But I wasn’t sure the Dora was fitted with the usual 300-liter drop tank, like the earlier versions of the FW-190 so I dug a bit deeper…

Here’s a RC 1/5th scale Fw 190D-9 built by Austrian modeler Klaus Herold. I believe the pictured tank is a better match for the 1:1 Dora drop tank as it looks closer to those in period pics (the attachment points differ from the earlier 300-liter tank ones)…

More pics here :


Thanks again- stunning model ! It also looks more like the later longer pylon that is on the Eduard late type D 9 - a bit of a dilemma in that Eduard shows the later smooth drop tank in the instructions but only include the earlier ribbed type on the sprues .
I will go by the type of sway braces / attachment as shown in your photo of the large scale model .
Cheers- Richard