Need help with identifying trailers

Hello, new to the forum. I’m having trouble finding information on thses two trailers. Photos below.
Im hopeing the experts on here can help out. I’m new to the transportation models. Got hooked after building a couple of guntrucks. Thanks in advance.

M870A2 (or maybe M870A2-S)

The second one looks like a M870A2 (-S ?) 40 ton triple axle trailer…

Most of the specifications for the M870A2S are identical to the M870A2 except for: Updated with Anti-lock Brake System (ABS); Updated with air ride suspension: air springs, shock absorbers, and height control value: and Non-Driving Tapered spindle axle

I may be wrong, but the first one doesn’t look to be in US Army/USMC service to me… :thinking:


I agree sir. We ran the 870 in Afghanistan and the only thing that looks weird is the lack of wood and ours had solid necks and ramps.

Awesome. I did think the one with the Huey on it was an M870, but i had doubts when i compared it with the Trumpeter M870A1. Makes sense now.

The first one was operated by the USN Seebees.

Thanks for the quick replies

Need help with identifying trailers

They’re the short movies you see before the main feature…