Need help with painting a bust

I am looking for someone who has a portfolio of figures that I can view, that might be interested in helping me with a resin bust that I want to paint. If interested, please show some of your painted figures. Preference to someone in the United States. Thanks in advance!

Just show the bust you want to paint, there lots of references on the net.

This is what I need help painting. I am looking for guidance or someone who might want to take on this challenge to paint themselves for a fee. The bust is a little bit smaller than 1/1 scale. Has defects you cab see which need to be cleaned up and then painted with either acrylics or oils.

1/1 is really big for painting, I recommend to do it with a airbrush or painting it in Oil. Painting this size in acrylics with a brush needs a lot of practice to get a good effect.
But first of al clean it up and get a smooth figure, al faults you are leafing on the base will be visible after painting and be hardly to be corrected.
take a look in the figures part of the forum, I have posted some of my works there.

Yes, that is what I was afraid of and why I am even looking at having someone do this for a fee as I know I don’t have the best skills to undertake this.

Is that 3-D printed? If so you will really need to smooth out the face. One trick I saw a while back was to use make-up for the face/skin, then seal it with a clear flat when done.