Need help with tank ID

Can anyone identify this NVA T-34/85. Are there any models of this tank?

I don’t know if I can but maybe I can help get you closer.

Looks like a type C in the article. Not 100% sure about the factory.

Not sure which Miniart kit can get you that configuration but I think this Def Model turret looks very close.

Yeah. Tamiya offered an d kit of this post-war T-34/85.


Thanks, very helpful. Soviet tanks were never my cup of tea.

The double ventilation domes are the best giveaway for that model. T-34’s are indeed a genre all their own.

It’s hard to tell from the image, but it appears to have an late UTZ 183 turret which has the flat area on the side. It also appears to have gone through the NVA 1960 update, given the stowage bin mounted on the right fender. Typically there was also a turret rear stowage bin too, but this was not always present and the tarpaulin strapped to the back could be covering the two handles that were used to support the bin.

Both Ryefield Model and Academy make Factory 183 kits that you should be able to use as a starting point. I think Dragon does as well. Note that the DEF Models turret shown in another post is incorrect - it mounts the early D-5T gun with different mantlet, whereas the one in your photo mounts the “standard” S-53 gun/mantlet. The Tamiya kit is also a Factory 183 version as well, but it’s a bit dated…

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Here’s another view of the turret


Have you contacted the museum? They may have some information on it.

That help’s quite a bit and it is definitely a UTZ 183 Turret.