Need help with the '36 Wild One Modified

I want to build a Modified and want to improve on the kit parts. Do you have any recommendations? The kit detail is pretty soft.
Who makes more realistic tires? The engine needs help also.
I want to replace the hood. I have seen where many of he racers just cut down a hood off a mid 60’s or 70’s car.
Most of the other things I think can be fabricated.
From you modified fans, what have I not thought about?


I haven’t built the '36 Wild One Modified, but I did build the 1976 Pinto Modified (which is essentially the same kit with a different body) back in 2019:

Yes, the detail is soft, and the engine really needs some help, but I actually liked the tires. I’m not sure how you want to go with your build, but you could try Texas 3D Customs or Morgan Automotive Detail for the engine & some detail parts. There are other aftermarket places, I’m sure, but those were the ones I could think of right off.

What annoyed me about the kit, is that there is no connection from the steering wheel to any semblance of a steering box! But I was a big TCR fan back in the 1980s,

so when I saw this kit I knew I had top build it.


You can also try Ron Coon Resins.

I’ve purchased a few items from him and all were good quality.