Need info on ammo boxes for modern 122mm Russian howitzer info

I am part way through building Trumpeter’s MT-LB and D-30 howitzer kits. I don’t know if it’s accurate, but I’m going to have the MT-LB towing the D-30. I would like to put some ammo boxes on top of the MT-LB. Can anyone point me to a site that has the dimensions of these ammo boxes or can give me the dimensions from a reference book?
Bill Moran

Just take a look here :

The old Skif combo set includes these crates :

that can be bought separately :wink:

1:1 ones in Afghanistan


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MiniArt does a really nice set of ammo and boxes as well.

AFAIK these boxes are for WW2 but they shouldn’t differ much from the modern ones, externally at least…

Here’s what the modern box interior looks like (this 1/35th one is made by Tank) :

with the spacers removed :


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Thanks Henri-Pierre and Gino. I ordered a set of the Skif ammo from an eBay vendor in France. The price was lower than the Ukraine based vendors and the shipping time should be much less.