Need some 1/16 SCW figures

Are there any figures that could fit with AMIG8503?

I’m sorry, what is SCW? What is AMIG8503?


SCW=Spanish Civil War?
AMIG 8503

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I believe AMIG8503 is Ammo by MIG #8503, Panzer I Ausf. A Breda in Spanish Civil War livery.

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Those are 2 seconds on google-level questions.

But why should we have to google to answer your question?

It would also have taken only two seconds for you to provide a complete question so respondents don’t have to guess at what you are talking about. You will get better and quicker answers with a coherent question.

I just built this kit and sadly couldn’t find any figures. Your best bet is to find a French figure and use that. I know someone said for 1/35 to use verlindens French B1 bis tank crew

I was talking about people asking annoying questions in the thread instead of finding their own answers.

Am I reading this correctly? You are upset because I asked you to explain, instead of going to google to decipher your question?



I’m with Mario on this one. Your initial question is incomplete and you should have clarified what you are talking about/looking for answers to. We shouldn’t have to google the abbreviations in your question to understand and answer it.

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Were you asking for explanation for yourself or others?

Still waiting for clarification…