Need Some Picture Help

Hello All,
I think I have for the first time been failed by google. I need help getting a picture of the Red Pack that comes with the Husky VMMD. It is a spare parts and toolbox that can be pulled behind the Husky. It also has a front MOD and a rear MOD attached to it. I know this sounds really vague and I can help try to describe it more if anybody has any questions.

Have you tried using key words in the Youtube search box?

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Sure have. I’ve put in every combo of words that I can think of. Lots of Husky pics but nobody seems to have the Red Pack.

This video mentions this Red Pack

hope this helps…


Man, I owe you a beer if you are ever in the Colorado Springs CO area.

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:beer: Any local breweries in that area making their own porter stouts? I may take you up on that offer :grin:

We got around 52 breweries in town I’m sure we can find something or at least have fun trying.

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another vid:


RedPack brochure


How do I like a conversation in a different thread.

Do you have any pictures that show the derive sprocket and the rear sprocket on a Bradly so I can see the wear from the tracks?


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Thank you. This site is one of the greatest repositories of info that I have ever seen.

I’ve got complete walkaroundof it, I’ll be there this weekend. You can support the SFMC at their pig roast by buying beer and pork from them. Details to follow.






First, I am always down to share a beer and second where did these pics come from. I think its my old unit I recognize the background and the UIC on the bumper on the husky.

Fort Carson. I’m there all the time.

If that is the 4th EN then I most likely have laid hands on that equipment at one time

And if you are around on the 15th and want to do some modeling talk the local groups meeting is that night.,

Actually, my external hard drive may be one of one the best single repositories for modern subjects. Two hits in one day. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I won’t be there until the afternoon of the 17th.


This is my old unit. I did three trips to Afghanistan with them. Let me know about the beer and pork and I’ll try to be there.