Need your recommendations converting figures into Reichswehr

Hello fellow modellers,

I would like to build my Sd.-Kfz. 13 Adler as a Reichswehr vehicle. As I always try to place figures with my vehicles I´m curious which would be the easiest possible figures to convert from Wehrmacht into Reichswehr. I would need one sitting into the drivers seat and one into the gunners seat or even two figures standing near each other.

Do you have recommendations / suggestions for me which figures to take?

Thanks for your help :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


Hi Thomas,
not from an experts view, but I think that Reichswehr uniforms were ore like Kaiserliche Uniformen.
Wikipedia could be a start.

Might be a idea to convert some of the ICM figures? Not too different from what you’re looking for.

I would utilise any Wehrmacht (early) figures as you see fit; by the time of the introduction of the Kfz 13 (though I’m not actually sure when that was) the Reichwehr field dress would have consisted of tunics with breast pockets (as opposed to the earlier versions based on he WW1 era type).

What I feel is essential is the addition of steel-helmets of the WW1 type and to that end would recommend Hornet Heads. Exercise bands affixed to the helmet will add a little colour. If you plan on using officers wearing a peaked cap say, then any Wehrmacht type will do but just sand down the crown a little to reflect the smaller Reichswehr type. Cross belts were worn.

With the then colourful camouflage finishes of vehicles - and perhaps a command flag - your model should look quite interesting. As I’m sure you know the number plates were prefixed with “RW”.

According to John Milsom and Peter Chamberlain in “German Armoured Cars of World War Two”, the Kfz13 was a response to a 1932 military requirement and entered service in any quantity in 1934. This would really put it into early Third Reich Wehrmacht service rather than Reichswehr. So what BootsDMS says is correct - early type Wehrmacht with the WW1 helmet. One distinctive part of the early uniform which was originally introduced as a trial was a laced up boot with a built in gaiter with side straps, which is quite often seen in wear up to and including the invasion of Poland, seen here: Reichswehr Uniform - Bing images
Further pictures of uniforms can be found here: Reichswehr Uniform - Bing images
Note that though they are labelled as Reichwehr, mostly they are showing early Third Reich uniforms.
A distinctive head gear worn pre war was the “Cavalry” Helmet, this had a distinctive “kink” in the side of the neck guard. H1193-L113822095.jpg (750×521) (
The Exercise Bands Boots mentions were reversible red to yellow. Military umpires and their staffs wore a white band around their cap during exercises.

Thank you all for your comments so far gentlemen. Very appreciated :yum: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: