Needing some help with KHAKI

Hello all,
I’m needing some help, suggestions, or guidance…about to start a 3 figure vignette in 120mm, of a Marine recruit and two USMC DIs…I want to paint the DIs in the 1960s Khaki Summer uniform…if memeory serves its the “Charlies”…the short sleeve khaki shirt worn with the khaki trousers…could be the “bravos”…anyway, as I paint exclusively in Vallejo and AK Gen 3 acrylics, I’m struggling with the shade I need…its a warm, tan, khaki color, that out of the bottles or mixes are failing to find a good base color.
Any suggestions?

I generally do not use paint straight out of the bottle without mixing.
Khaki is one of those colors that shifts (can go more green) depending on the lighting… especially if indoor lights are involved.

Exactly…I normally mix, but this particular shade is eluding me.

As I recall Bravos are short sleeve and Charlies are long sleeve.

What about Vallejo Pale Sand and Khaki (3:1)?

maybe a photo can help, it’s a bit like field grau of the Germans. there are more possibility’s as solutions

Actually, the Bravos are the long sleeve, the Charlies are short sleeve…and thanks for the suggestion, but I was trying mixes using those and its lacking the warm, tan hue…which no matter what I was adding, was ruining it…

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Very true…there are possibilities, however, whatever I’m doing is certainly wrong! As far as a photo, I have zero knowledge of posting pictures here…

I have never seen that kind of variations of the uniform and I highly doubt DI would have that much among themselves.


That’s it! In all the period photos and films, it has a warm, tannish, shade of khaki…I know everything is subject to age of the film and pics, but that shade is what I’m after…I may mix a khaki color and experiment from there instead of relying on a bottled khaki to play with.

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Agree… but daylight VS fluorescent or other indoor lighting could affect the hue via color shift.

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Don’t disagree.

When I add those two colors, it looked to be in the ballpark.

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Iraqui Sand 70819 +Englisch uniform 70921 4+1 working with a wet pallet you can go as far you wish;
When you wish to light it up use off white to get it lighter


That’s a direction I hadn’t thought of. Thanks!