Nerves... and masking canopies

Canopies are an ineviatble pain to mask (unless when buying pre-cut masks) but with some patience it’s possible the manual way as well

and then there are those planes with a double canopy like a trainer:

and then there are people who always have to exagerate…

and no, its not photoshopped. But While doing I learned a new trick…

draw the shape of one window on a piece of tape and cut the contour

Then cut the middel part out as the mask is slightly to big, first place the two outside pieces, then put the remaining part in the middle, this goes a lot faster than masking each canopy individually, and is a lot safer to avoid scratches on the “glass” part.

BUT I will not make any series anymore… a bit too nervewrecking if you ask me :slight_smile:


That’s quite an assembly line, drabslab! :open_mouth: Are you building an aerobatic team?

I usually use Eduard masks for my builds and if I don’t have them for a kit (mainly jets) I use a piece of Gold Tape (similar to Tamiya but larger - and cheaper) which is a bit larger than the canopy. First I press the tape with a tooth pick in the edges of the canopy and then I cut the mask very slowly with a very sharp scalpel on the canopy. It always works.


Yep, similar approach here but doing 6 double canopies remains a tedious job :slight_smile:

I am building the Belgian “Red Devils” , an acrobatic team flying 6 shiny red Fouga Magister in the 1970’s.

I have 3 Kinetic boxes (1/48) and got a set of extra decals from a friend. I still miss two sets of decals.


I loath mask HA HA, that said it turned into simpler ways of getting through it.