Never go full ship

I’ve made a start

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Erebus-class monitor?


Looking good Andy. Keep looking at this kit.
How’s the fit so far?
Andy :slight_smile:

Hi Jim,
HMS Abercrombie I believe.
Andy :slight_smile:

Oh, a Roberts-class monitor. Interesting build. What scale is this? Who makes the kit?


What is the scale? A mate of mine built one (Roberts) to 1/72 scale back in the early 80s. Excellent model and sailed well but not good in a cross wind

Andy nice start, I’ve her sister sitting in the stash with the very large pe and brass set from ‘Big blue boy’.

Ignore the Profile Morskie plans if you get their book as they are sheer fantasy.
Depending how accurate you want your build you may want to replace the spotting top

And those kit 15” gun barrels which are the wrong shape.

Other than that welcome to the salty side, we have fish, no cookies!

Jim & Andrew, 1/350 and Trumpeter

Are the Profile Morskie plans fantasy all over or is it only the depth of the hull (feet below waterline) that are totally bogus?

I’m thinking of replacing the barrels with metal anyway, and getting black cat stuff for the other guns where possible.

Black Cat do some very nice stuff, fully recommended, don’t forget the ships boats as the Black Cat ones look so much better.

Robin, reading reviews elsewhere it has been pointed out the plans are wrong in so many areas, I don’t have the plans for Roberts or Abercrombie. My own experience has also found the plans I’ve purchased to be wrong on other ships, some errors are minor but they are still errors, they make some nice plans but just don’t seem to do the complete research for all their subjects.

OK, Thanks for the answer :+1:

If you haven’t got it I can throughly recommend “Big Gun Monitors” by Dr Ian Buxton, though copies may be scarce, I think the print run was only 2000. It has great detail on all the RN monitors from 1914 to 1965. Admiralty Plans for Roberts are available from National Maritime Museum though probably at great cost.

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