Never painted a ship before

I normally am an Armor guy, but have hit that no mojo slump so thought I would try my hand at the Trumpeter 1/700 USS Baltimore 1943. I have no idea what colors to paint this thing after construction. I use mostly vallejo model color and vallejo air. Any suggestions or links that can help a brother out?

This may help you in your search.

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Life color makes a couple WW2 USN sets (German,Brit, IJN too) Search for ww2 USN paint sets and see what you find.

If you want to do the Measure 11 camo (Sea Blue (5-S) overall, with horizontal surfaces (including wooden portions) painted Deck Blue (20-B). All visible canvas boat covers, tarpaulins and windscreens to be dyed in a color to match Deck Blue) use

Vallejo 816 for Deck Blue and
Vallejo 965 or Vallejo 903 (some say that mixing these at 1:1 ratio is the best match) for Sea Blue 5-S.

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Thanks for the color recommendations. What is measure 11? Do you know where I can find out more what Measure’s are? Did the Baltimore get painted in any other measure?

Regarding the camouflage Measures:

Baltimore camo measures:
Commissioned 15 APR 1943 until sometime in October 1943: Measure 11

From October 1943 until mid 1945 Measure 32, Design 16d

The kit you have can only be painted in Measure 11

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Thanks so much! You have been extremely helpful. Cant thank ya enough.