New 1/16 items by 3D MicroCosmos

Hey Guys,

Few days ago, I saw some cool 3D printed items by MicroCosmos on Facebook. I quickly asked them if they would be interested in printing some of their items in 1/16. They replied by asking to make suggestions for 2 items from their catalog. They said, they will try and see if it can be done. Well, just couple off days ago they messaged back, via FB messenger, saying they were able to print them with success and shared a FB link.

Now, I don’t have these items in my hands yet but they looked lovely in the photographs and I think several individuals here will appreciate the news. I just am thrilled someone made my modeling request into reality. I sure hope the sales will be favorable to encourage them to design more large scale items. We need all the help we can get. :grin:

Here is the link to their FB page and the photos I received.

1/16 M4 w/ 203 gernade launcher & scope €15

1/16 M240G w/Scope €25


Great stuff, thank you; will this be the start of an extended range of arms in this scale? I can definitely use that 240G!


These look great and are very welcome!

Do you have a contact email for those who don’t have Facebook or a catalog that you can post here?

Thanks in advance.

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@Newtonk, Kylie I am not 100% sure as I made a request and they upscale their exciting 1/35 item to 1/16. However, I am hoping guys who want more 1/16 item will show a support by purchasing so it will help encourage the new company.

@Trisaw, I message them about getting their email address for you. In fact, I sent them the thread link so if they can join Armorama and speak for themselves.

Btw, I found a website called Hobby Market that shows most of the Micro Cosmos product. I was told they are not the producers website but it showed me what they created.

Disclaimer; I am not connected with them and will receive no credit. I am just a happy camper to see new 1/16 items I can purchase to dress my 1/16 M-ATV & MaxxPro. My next request to them is a radio set for these vehicles. That will be a plus!

I know the guys of Microcosmos personally, I will contact them to join us. Their 1/35 items are awesome (local bias included)


That would be wonderful if Microcosmos can join us here. Are they US-based?

The Hobby Market catalog is very helpful. However, there are so many pages that it’s hard to see their full collection. Thus, I sure hope Microcosmos can come to Armorama and share their products themselves so that we can see them all for those who don’t have Facebook.

Thank you for the links and info! :grinning:

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Ok, I was able to get some personal information to share here. The company is out of Athens, Greerce and the gentleman name is Dimos and he can be contacted via email at

We have run 3D MicroCosmos news previously and I’m about to do a new story on these 1/35 and 1/16 scale weapons… Honestly, I didn’t know there were so many new products, so thanks for starting this topic and the heads up.