New 1/16 Ontos

Coming soon from Takom with interior -


Damn! Another new temptation.

The Chieftains new High speed tour of the Fort Benning Collection includes a quick look at the interior & opening the breech of a 106mm RCL at 29.45 - Unofficial High Speed Tour of the US Armor and Cavalry Collection, Ft Benning - YouTube -


I’m all over that one!!! May force myself into getting two of them; with one being a gift to a friend who crewed on one up near Phu Bai. Still won’t be really big, and they were small in size

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Something 1/16th that isnt A. German B. WW2 Vietnam era? I’m in!

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Used at Hue, too. Should make for a great centrepiece. Doors open, with a couple of figures, will look great. Any other colours than OD?

I saw two or three out near Ross once. Not a real common sight in 68

This big boy I might just get! give me eyes a chance to relax!

The Academy kit is really a T165 prototype. I’ve been all over that thing, and the Academy kit is pretty good for the prototype, but also has some errors. Steve Zolaga pretty much gave it a thumbs down review, but it wasn’t nearly that bad. Even the stance was spot on. The only serious issue I saw was hatch placement and in a couple cases the basic shape. Rear doors are tack welded shut, so there’s no getting a look inside. Also it uses three different gun barrels; which I found very odd.

lol. 1017 = Sd.Kfz 265 Kleiner Panzerbefehlswagen I

Interesting! Wonder when it’s going to be released?

i think 2023, first part

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Personally; I think the M56 would have been a better venue in 1/16 scale

Didn’t see that one coming!!