New 1/35 Gothic Serpent Figs!

So I know a few if you modellers out there (including me) have been looking for 1/35 figs from Somalia in 1993 and finally a figure company has got the goods!

Step forward Mantis Miniatures from Poland with this cracking three fig set!

As you can see it depicts a helicopter pilot and two SOF operators. Knowing Mantis figures reputation for high quality sculpting and moulding these should look just as good as these computer images.

The small vignette appears to be based on the events at Crash Site 2 when 160th SOAR pilot Chief Warrant Officer Michael J Durant was pulled from the wreckage by Delta Force Sergeant First Class Randall D. Shughart (CMOH Citation) and Master Sergeant Gary I. Gordon (CMOH Citation)

However, it obviously doesn’t need to be that exact event- the shape of the uniforms and equipment are relevant for a wide period of the late 80s and 90s.

These figs were available in a special edition at the recent World Expo and I have just secured myself one so as soon as I get it I’ll get some pics of the actual resin up. Pictured below are the extras included in the special edition.

Artur Miniszewski of Mantis informs me there are a few special editions left and if you are interested that you can contact him via Facebook or email at It costs 60 Euro plus shipping.

The three figures on their own will be released very soon and, personally, I have to say it is fantastic to see this subject getting some coverage as, apart from a few old plastic sets, there is very little available in plastic or resin so this release is most welcome!


Nice! These look really good. Gothic Serpent figures definitely needed. I hope they continue to make other sets as well.


Excellent! I will definitely be getting a set of these!

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oh this is excellent news indeed, thanks for posting!

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thanks for the info, been looking for these, cant wait to see the figs

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Absolutely outstanding! Thanks for the dope on these!

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As promised I have some pics of the actual figs.

We’ll start with the figure depicting Sergeant First Class Randall D. Shughart.

He is depicted with his scoped M14 which (butt-stock aside) is interestingly cast with both hands on it so it is one piece to place on the figure with attachment points at the elbow area.

As you can see there is a bit of barrel droop in the resin, not uncommon with long, thin barrels of this type- dipping it in just boiled water should straighten it out.

The detail on both fig and rifle is crisp and clear down to buckles and fasteners.

Next up is the figure depicting Master Sergeant Gary I. Gordon.

Again, the detail is first class with detail even on the flag patch on his body armor. The modified Colt 723 includes a separate silencer and is superbly detailed. His other hand is grabbing the pilot figure by the rear of his flight vest.

Lastly the pilot, Chief Warrant Officer Michael J. Durant. Another fine sculpt with nice details on the flight suit and survival vest- even a well detailed underwater oxygen tank with mouthpiece.

The MP5 is nice too. My only real gripe with the set is the pilots hands which seem slightly large- almost cartoonish in terms of the fingers.

Included in the special edition is a nice plaque, a piece of tri-color desert BDU uniform material and a neat little wooden box.

The three figure set should be on sale soon.


Wow they look excellent

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Wow! That’s some extravagant packaging, almost like getting a bottle of Glenlivet for the Holidays . . .

. . . mmmmmm!

Cajun :crocodile:

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The figures look great…as does the Glenlivet!

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