New 1/35 Hueys needed

Since Takom is now in the 1/35 helicopter business, I hope they come up with this Huey:

UH-1C Huey Gunship; with provisions for the M21 sub-armament station with either M60 machine guns or M134 miniguns. M75 nose mounted 40mm grenade launcher, XM157 or XM158 7-tube, 2.75" rocket launchers.

UH-1C Huey Gunship with M27 sub-armament system, mounting four 7.62mm M60 machine guns and two 7-tube XM158 rocket launchers, plus two additional, door mounted M60 machine guns.

Decals would be either US Navy “HA (L)-3” Helicopter Attack (Light) Squadron 3 “Seawolf” or US Army A Company, 101st Aviation “Comancheros”.

US Navy Seawolf Huey, Mekong Delta - 1968-69

I would rather Takom made a new long-bodied Huey series; UH-1D, UH-1H, UH-1N, UH-1Y. I would like the Y first as the others are out there already (Panda come Dragon kits), just not great quality.

The short-bodied UH-1B and UH-1C Hueys are already pretty well covered in 1/35 and you can get all the weapons options you mentioned in different kits. Both companies kits are equally rather good in quality and details as well.

The B is available from Seminar/SAR.

The C is available from MRC/Academy in various boxings with different weapons setups.

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Yeah; the UH-1Y “Venom” Huey. I see these flying out of MCAS Yuma from time to time.


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Before I end up scratch/converting one using the Dragon UH-1D/H and the Academy AH-1Z. Then the kit will be announced for sure.

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I would love to see a newly molded Huey from Vietnam, and do away with the overpriced 30 year old kits.


Certainly love to see a 'Nam Huey, especially an E so I can do HA(L)3 Seawolves to go along with the forth coming ICM AH-1G


How about this one? a Canadian Coast Guard Bell 212 (CH-135) Twin Huey.


or the CH-146 “Griffon”…

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For the CH-135, all you would need to source/make is the decals and use them on the existing Panda/Dragon UH-1N kit.

The CH-146 Griffon would be awesome, in CG and/or Army liveries.

There was a guy working on a 1/35 CH-146 conversion set, but it never materialized.

You can find a 3D printed set on Shapeways, but it is really pricey. It is there if you want one badly enough though.


Apparently, 1/35 CH-135 decals are already available from DF HeloStuff.


Canadians have a nice gloss white paint job for UN support birds. This was taken at CFB Petawawa OT. Aug 1992. 450 SQ

Or a good UH-1H

377th Med Co, out of Taegu ROK

Bryan Wilburn

If we’re going for a Nam Huey, I’d be keen on an XM 26 TOW conversion. Anyone?

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an interesting idea, and i forgot about that one.