New 1/35 M1A2 Abrams

What the world needs now… is a new M1A2 TUSK II, apparently.

Sixili model new product-1/35 M1A2 TUSK II_ other domestic model new


Or not …

What’s wrong with that choice?

It’s not a Sherman or Tiger, the standard for a new company.

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Just not for me mate … There are already a fair few M1 kits and variants/Mks out there, most of which pretty much hit the mark. I just wish some manufacturers would zone in on areas not covered, new M1 Breacher, any of the big engineering / recovery tracked wagons out there, a new Cr1 ( :grin:) …


I get that, maybe with this new company starting with a modern vehicle that will happen but they have to make a profit on something Abrams is as good as anything else. This is not currently high on my list but it does sound interesting. Look forward to seeing the plastic first.

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I was wondering what their ‘gimmick’ was seeing as how this is already a crowded field. From the translation it sounds like a deliberately simple kit designed to be a quick build rather than go head-to-head on detail - maybe not a bad idea.

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