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CAD file screenshots look OK but can they post what the actual 3D prints look like?

They are selling the files, not the actual kits. So what the prints look like will depend on the individual doing the printing, i.e. what printer they are using, resolution, resin, etc.

I know. I don’t disagree with you but there’s more to consider. I have CADded and 3D printed constantly for the past couple of years, and bought/downloaded a fair share of unprintable files as well. All STLs on cults3D are supposedly “3D printable” but some need repairs, not water-tight, full of holes, or plain too small/thin to print correctly in the presented scale. In such a case, no matter how good the 3D printing skills and the printer are, the print fail is almost certain.
In addition, the CAD shots resemble so much of FC Model Turd’s covers - which reminds that the 3D prints may look completely different from what the CAD shots show. For a better selling point, I would suggest showing what the physical 3D prints look like bc those files are not cheap.

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Pictures of the files after 3D printing can give you a very good idea of what to expect. Also Pictures of the individual components and how they fit also helps as to what to expect.

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Thank you, Mike. Exactly my point.

I have never ever used any water recepticle in that fashion in my life.
The only reason I could think to stand with my mouth agape and the bottle that far away would be if I was trying to get my shoes wet and didn’t realise the water was hot. PASS.

FC Model Turd’s :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: True

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Hi Lou,
I wasn’t completely understanding what you were discussing here but being watertight in 3D printing is making those that are meant to be impermeable to prevent structure fail and the resin to be cured at the proper space. It is a term of art rather and not so much related to H2O itself.

I believe he’s referring to the Africa Corps 2 figure who looks like he’s yelling into his canteen.

You got it Sean, I should have been more specific :laughing:

Ahhh. Gotcha. Misunderstood.

I just learned how bad FC Model trend stuff is. I got the M3 Halftrack tracks and wheels. They were warped. Their Spanish Civil War tank crew was ok but their Africa Corps headset was just wasted money. They are JUNK. I’ll stick with my injection molded and resin figures and head sets.

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I can’t believe FC Modeltrend is still in business. Their stuff is complete utter crap in every way. I got screwed by them, I ordered 12 pieces and every one of them was so bad they all went in the bin. Garbage. Useless garbage. They should be boycotted.

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Not “their” and “they”, guys. “His” and “he”:

Well that is a shame. Their CAD looked amazing but I don’t have any so no first hand experience. However, reading the comments here I’ll stay clear off his stuff.

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Alright, I saw this as it caught my eye. I like some of this Spanish Civil War vehicles, particular the Bilboa car. I had bought a 1/56 STL file version and upscaled it to 1/35 and enhanced some details and was planning to use some Mini-Art wheels to round it out. Than I saw this. I was to curious so I bought the file to see for myself.

The files are nice. I like it. The chassis is well detailed enough for the lower part of this kit. The hull looks crisp and has lots of details.

I am eager to apply paint. The kit is broken down as follows. The chassis, body, Rear storage box, turret, headlights, the front and side vents and the searchlight.

Now the bad news. The lights, vents and storage box are one file. This makes orientation and removing supports difficult. The vents are very thin and delicate. Other than the storage box, my first print was a fail for the most part. The vents are to thin and frail and everything is too close to remove parts. Instead of retrying a new print, I made my own file for these parts. This is what you see in the pictures. Also they are 4 cross supports and to 2 ledges on the under side of the body to hold the chassis in place. The 2 center supports are in the way because the chassis in this part is not flat to seat inside with a flat contact surface. I had to remove those supports and now it fits fine. This is for sure disappointing. I have worked through it, but some people might not want to mess with this or feel like for the money, they should not have to deal with this. I would agree. I thought I would show this so others would be better educated before purchasing. Hope it helps.


I agree.

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