New AutoModeler Site is now Live

If it’s not obvious, the new AutoModeler site is up and ready for business.

I have yet to archive the old site so for now the two will be up jointly. No new content on the old site from this point forward. People can still post in either AutoModeler forum, but obviously it would be good to wind any topics down and move them here if you haven’t already.



Great news Jim, looking forward to getting this fully up to speed!

Cheers, D

Ooh, I likey! Bookmarked👍

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Excellent news Jim. Will start some new topics soon. Uploading images is a breeze, in the new forum; love it :smiley:

Both Damian and myself have actively been promoting the new site to all of our members and encouraging them to post in the new rather then the old site. We’ll try to kick it up another notch or two .