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This alcohol-based metallic paint allows to achieve an effect that imitates the metallic reflection of a chrome surface similar to a mirror. It is available in two formats, for brush and for airbrush. Creative : Chrome Paint

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Needed this for finishing touch on a project. Wow! This stuff is really good. Granted its a very tiny application, but it worked perfectly. I first I thought the finish had blemishes, but then realized I was actually seeing my reflection! This stuff is crazy good. Kudos!

Photos here…

P.S. No its not a tank, but it is sitting on a shelf next to a Land Rover Pink Panther and a Ferret Mk.2 Scout Car.

looks a lot like Molotow liquid chrome also alchool based

That’s what I was thinking, but if it’s now in a brushable form, it would be more easily applied than Molotow’s marker pens.

Since it’s alcohol based, can airbrush clean-up be done with isopropyl (or rubbing) alcohol?

Molotow chrome can already be found in a brushable form, just buy the refills instead of the marker

For the clean-up isopropyl should do the trick