New from Academy a K311A1 (kia KM450) in 1/35

Maybe not the ‘usual’ but I like it , see :

A better pic.

This is good news. It is the South Korean version of the US Kaiser/Jeep M715 used in the '60s and '70s. It doesn’t look too hard to backdate it to the M715; mainly the weel arches.

Kaiser Jeep M715 - Wikipedia

This is the first time it will be available in plastic. Prior to this it was a resin kit by D-Toys, D-Vision, Def.


Can’t have too many trucks :grin:
even if the stash is overflowing :roll_eyes:


Really cool truck yes!

Very happy with this news. Like the truck anyway, and an M715. Never dared to get a resin kit and this, too scared l would ruin it.

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