New from Flyhawk 1/700

Not what I was waiting for, but at least it’s new:

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I’m not terribly excited about modern subjects, but as long as they rotate between WW1, WW2, and modern, I can be patient until my turn comes around again…

I was hoping for the Scheer. :hugs:
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Not my cup of tea either, so hoping someone does a 1/700 WWII Furious, Glorious or Courageous. I know HP Models did them but!

Waiting patiently for the Furious, Glorious and Courageous myself in injection molding. Printed models usually have to much detail (i.e. ships boats, life rafts) printed on, making them very hard to paint

or Lutzow.


Actually, I’d rather have a Graf Spee. Trumpeter’s is old and needs AM everything - even the superstructure needs upgrading parts (SSModels has an extensive AM set with LOTS of brass and 3D printed parts)! Flyhawk has already announced (a couple of years ago) the release of Scheer.
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