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New range of dry brush paints from Green Stuff World

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I think Ammo of MIG has a line of these as well. Is this the ‘big new thang’ from the paint companies?

Hmm. Very interesting. Acrylic paint for dry brushing? Might have to try it.

Citadel also make a line of dry brush paints. They are not too bad- handy for sure. I have a few ‘dry brush’ brushes, including one from Citadel, and they work nicely with them.

I have the Ammo by MIG dry brushing paints and they are a godsend! They are so easy to use and really add a cool “frosting” to the models. They work; they’re not hype, and the jars are quite large so they will last a long time.

Now they are coming out with wargaming colors and non-military colors.

Drybrushing paints are thick and a much lighter shade than the base colors. I used to add white to base color paints to drybrush just like Shep Paine said to do and frankly, it was a pain. Now I just use the drybrushing paints and the “frosting” is so easy to apply with a drybrushing paintbrush.

All the highlights on this figure were done with AK drybrushing paints.

And that was from this. Notice how the camouflage is “toned down” and not as new and stark in contrast? I used AK drybrushing light gray, sand, and light green paints.