New (Hetzer?) from Takom

I would say it’s a Jagdpanzer 38(t), probably with command version also. And interior!

(Not suitable for news as it is not 100% identified but I couldn’t wait :smile:


Looks about right with the typical early, mid and late versions. Maybe a 2 or 3 in one kit with command and berge versions. Those could also be additional boxings.


Looking forward to this

These are Pzjgr 38t silhouettes for sure. Takom will certainly give them the full treatment, these will be glorious kits! 3 sales from me already!


Last time I saw silhouettes like this from the Takom Gods; we received the M48s, the M103s and the Apaches.

The Takom Gods will be most gracious with their offers.


I hope it’s a stellar kit.
I’m a huge hetzer fan.

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We’ll stick you in as a loader and see how long that lasts. :wink:


Then i’d change my mind quickly! Not many know of its poor ergonomics.


It would be inconvenient for operation, given that Germany was/is a right-side-drive country, so the driver’s seat is commonly on the left, but making the JgPz38(t) as a mirror version – driver, gunner, loader on the right, commander on the left behind the gun – would have improved the ergonomics a fair bit for the loader, at least as far as getting shells into the breech was concerned. It’s not going to help with getting ammo out of the racks, but there’s not much you can do about that, with the limited space inside the vehicle.


Well? here you go guys. So we can start off on a good footing.

Hetzer Walk Around Page 1 (

I think this example is at Aberdeen Proving Ground.

This one is at the Bovington Tank Museum.


This one’s at the Kubinka Tank Museum.

THis example is at the Panzer Museum in Munster, Germany.


I’ll be getting one of these for sure! I love the Panzer 38t variants, and aside from an actually Panzer 38t I have most of them including all three Marder III variants, and the flak panzer 38t


What Scale ? 1/35th. 1/16th.



The big problem loading was that the loader is one the wrong side of the breech guard and has to lean over it.
Plus the remote MG controls come down from the roof, limiting head room.

Didn’t see that oooops

I’ve been hanging onto at least one of the Eduard Hetzers for years. It came with the interior, but had an issue with the storage of ammo. I did build the late one from Eduard, and never really had an issue, but was almost overwhelmed with the interior. Would be much easier now. I’ll force myself into buying two of these kits, as I love Hetzers!

Before I forget:

I’ll bet that we will finally get a good 38T to finally run with the Tristar / Hobby Boss kits. I have a Dragon Hetzer with the SIG33 gun mounted on it (unbuilt), and would like to see that done as well

Just call me forever poor

That’s why mirroring the internal layout would improve the ergonomics – by putting the driver, gunner, and loader on the right and the gun on the left, it puts the breech guard on the side away from the loader, so he doesn’t have to reach over it. It does mean that there’s no protection from getting whacked by the breech when the gun recoils, but there are always tradeoffs.

Yep, it’s a odd set up
Another walk around