New icon for adding photos to your post

I see that the “old” icon for uploading a photo in a post has now changed to the “upload” symbol - I’m guessing this happened around New Year’s, perhaps? (that was about the last time I logged in). The new icon threw me for a second, but everything worked out.

FYI - at least on my Mac, with the new Discourse OS I can now just drag and drop a photo from an open file on my computer to the post editing window I have just created and it will automatically upload to the KitMaker site with no need to use any sort of upload icon.

I have been doing that since the we moved to Discourse.
Screen-capture followed by ctrl-v to glue the image into the post.
Drag-n-drop from an open file directory on the computer.
Copy image from the internet and then ctrl-v to paste it in the post
Ctrl-c from a document like word or powerpoint and then ctrl-v into the post


So have I. The thing is, we/you/KitMaker seem to think all this is just common knowledge to everyone who visits or uses this site and it is not.

I intend to try and change that to some small degree.


So why not write a manual and put your newly found discoveries all in one place instead of repeating them all over KitMaker? … Sorry Michael, it had to be said. :man_shrugging:



So far I have pointed out ONE thing and posted it in two places.

Believe me i have considered writting some sort of document.

Personnally as a marketing person I dont think anybody would go out of their way to read a big document sitting over in the “Site Discussions” section. “We” are modelers and not html programmers.

But instead, (I think) if we pass out a little help note here and there, we might just make some progress.

I tend to hover over the site with a watchful eye out for posts where someone asks about something.
Then I jump-in and answer to the best of my ability. With the occasional borderline sarcastic undertone :wink:


hover = like a vulture

watchful eye = hawkish

occasional = frequent/constant

borderline = thinly vailed

sarcastic = foolishly useless, argumentative and/or repetitive

undertone = blatantly visible

jump-in = well you got that one right

Your presence everywhere on this site seems to be almost omnipotent, endless and over-bearing.

I think you just like to hear yourself type.

However, to give credit where it is due, your posts sometimes do hit the nail right on the head. But I would say that is true only about 15-20% of the time.


Well, it’s all up to you.
I did show you how to make all my posts go away by ignoring them :wink:

Yes and I have have decided that I don’t wish to ignore your posts - as 15% of the time they are actually valuable (such as those fire truck photos you recently provided.)

What I do wish is for you to spend some time in self reflection and throttle back your omni-presence on this site to some degree.

Free speech is one thing but you really need to add more “beef” to your statements so that people actually want to hear what you are saying.

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That is one mans opinion right there.
Lets wait a while and see what others think …

Feel free to continue in deluding yourself rather than actually doing something about it.

“Where’s the beef?”

Well, you may be on to something there. It does seem that I am rather active around here.

Is that statistical comparison supposed to mean something or prove something?

I am already saying you participate TOO MUCH and often make more or less hollow “me-too” comments,


I use the heart icon to avoid posting an empty ‘Me too’ post,
especially since ‘Me too!’ is only 7 characters so I would have
to add an emoji to reach the required 10 characters.

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If I read these statistics correctly Robin receives about the same ratio of likes to posts as Michael… so clearly there’s appreciation for you both!

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:+1: :clap:
:grin: :wink:

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Well isn’t that special?

This post is concluded. And Mike telling our highest ranking staff moderator that he is ‘participating TOO MUCH’ is just plain silly. You can’t bully people into participating less, so please stop. Or I will look at this as more of a personal attack. And that has consequences.