New Item https Links Question

In the ‘New’ categories, I’m having to click twice on ‘https’ links in order to be directed to a page. Shouldn’t this be a single click? Anybody else experiencing this?


I’m just doing one click and it seems to work ?

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A wild guess:
Possibly a setting in your browser,
some kind of Parental Guidance from the browser designers to make the internet safer for you by preventing accidental clicking on bad links. A double click indicates that you really want to open the link.

Edit: Single click for me as well (had to test it first …)

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Still freakin’ annoying! What’s next? Five-factor color authentication verification?… I don’t need no stinking safety. I need speed! :rocket:

—mike :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The warm and cosy feeling of being patronised by some snot-faced SW designer somewhere …


I did some more investigating and found that the issue only occurs when I’m signed-in. :man_detective:
Tested this behavior on Safari, FireFox and Google Chrome. :man_shrugging:


Hi Jim,
Is there some setting somewhere to control if single or double click is needed to follow a link outside of the Kitmaker network?

Michael, check if these two links behave differently for you when logged in and when not logged in

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