New Item https Links Question

In the ‘New’ categories, I’m having to click twice on ‘https’ links in order to be directed to a page. Shouldn’t this be a single click? Anybody else experiencing this?


I’m just doing one click and it seems to work ?

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A wild guess:
Possibly a setting in your browser,
some kind of Parental Guidance from the browser designers to make the internet safer for you by preventing accidental clicking on bad links. A double click indicates that you really want to open the link.

Edit: Single click for me as well (had to test it first …)

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Still freakin’ annoying! What’s next? Five-factor color authentication verification?… I don’t need no stinking safety. I need speed! :rocket:

—mike :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The warm and cosy feeling of being patronised by some snot-faced SW designer somewhere …


I did some more investigating and found that the issue only occurs when I’m signed-in. :man_detective:
Tested this behavior on Safari, FireFox and Google Chrome. :man_shrugging:


Hi Jim,
Is there some setting somewhere to control if single or double click is needed to follow a link outside of the Kitmaker network?

Michael, check if these two links behave differently for you when logged in and when not logged in

Rim color question? - #14 by Quartercav (inside Kitmaker)

Jokes (outside Kitmaker, http-link) (outside Kitmaker, a “secure” https-link)

Sorry for the delayed reply.

While logged in: The first two links opened with one click. The third one hung-up — a second click was required. After opening it once, then it opens with one click.


Another oddity… From time-to-time ads will appear and cover the news page until I leave the page and come back.

Got screenshots:

—mike :two_hearts::rofl:

More useless ads today:

My original query is still an unresolved issue. Small as it may seem, having to double-click on https links it’s getting to be a real PITA. This is not how web page links should work.
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Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 6.51.51 PM

Okay, calm down… At least those annoying ads are gone.

Rant over… until next time.

The problem is that your issue is localized to your phone. My phone (iPhone using Chrome) doesn’t have this issue. It’s likely more to do with some of these types of issues:,not%20registered%20the%20first%20click.

But ignore the first guy at the top. It’s not ‘human’ testing.

Thank’s Jim,
This occurs not only on my iPhone, but also my iPad and MackBook (trackpad, keyboard/mouse, touch screen). I use Safari as my default browser. However, I have tested with Chrome and FireFox. The issue only rears its ugly head whenever using the KitMaker Network.

All of my software is current on all devices.


Hi Mike,
Have you tried not immediately clicking the second time? It honestly sounds either like a delay in loading or perhaps a lost packet (requests to servers that go unanswered). That was one of the responses in the link above.


Hi Jim,
A single click will not activate the page. Only after a pause and then a second click, then the page will open. In anticipation (whenever I think of it), I have been double-clicking immediately which will open the page — not how page links should work. IMHO.

PS: I’m on a very fast server.


It’s not your ISP or service that would be the issue, but the servers the sites are hosted on (Amazon AWS Lightsail). There is no explanation for your case then unless it’s literally your ISP doing something to block the first click request. Perhaps they are the ones doing the ‘human’ test? Who is your ISP?


And as previously mentioned… This only occurs on the KitMaker Network. All other websites work fine. :man_shrugging:


Okay. My mom has that ISP so I can test it from her wifi next time I am there.