New items from Danger Close Dioramics

Concrete highway barriers both keyed and smooth end.
Gothic building corner and base.
European building corner damaged .
European building damaged full kit.
Stone arch bridge with wood decking.
So much more and great weathering powders .

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No one’s commented on these products yet; out of politeness?? I suppose some of these items are usable if the modeler really can’t do any better (although they seem to be pricey!), and some, like the water scene for the PBR, and the “road block” with barrels, are really terrible! The Buddha looks like it could be a recast from an inexpensive import store item! :roll_eyes:

So, have you ordered any of their products, or is this just a quick review of the website photos? I was just curious, since the whole “out of politeness” thing was lost on me when you make snarky, crappy comments.


I examined the close-ups of the items several times to come to my conclusions. Besides being expensive (in $CD), they certainly don’t have the finesse of other products on the market. That is just my opinion. Others may find them perfectly suitable and economic.

Vietnam isn’t my thing, nor is big dioramas, but I can see a market for these. And with only the web images to go by I don’t see any call to comment on quality - I’ll leave that to folks with the real castings in their hands. Price is something we all need to decide for ourselves - what is is worth to you… (I don’t begrudge the maker from wanting a return on investment, and we can’t control exchange rates or taxes or shipping fees.) But please show some basic respect to the vendor for at least trying to offer products we may want. (And we also need to show basic respect in our replies to others, even if we disagree with their comments…)

As a kid I was told that opinions are like armpits - we all have 'em, and others may think they stink, so we need to be careful about how we expose them…


I would encourage everyone to come to their own opinions about the products.
I do all the mastering , moulding and casting. In addition to that I play web designer and photographer. The photographer part falls short.
Yes it would be possible to hire a professional image service , bit I would rather put those resources into bringing new products out.
On a final note , there are a multitude of super happy customers. I strive to take care of customers , especially returning ones. They usually find some extra goodies in the box… I thank you for your opinion and value feedback.
Happy Modelling.


Chris your stuff does look great. I have visited your website multiple times and I will be getting some of your stuff in the future.

I was wondering though, whats the gun truck conversion? Im very interested.

I am doing a 2.5 ton based on the AFV 2.5 ton truck .
It will include the entire armor weapons and interior of the cargo area.
Im hoping to have that out soon. There are just one or two things on it I didnt want to rush.

Sounds awesome! Ive been trying to buy a gun truck conversion for a while but they are all $100+.
Do you have any pictures available to show or not? Just wondering.

Im not showing pictures public yet. My price will definitely be a tremendous amount below that price.

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He does lack certain amount of tact, however some photos don’t show the product in there probably best light and Chris has addressed that. I think any other criticism is probably best to contact Chris directly with specifics to help. I myself look forward to the few pieces I ordered.

How is the bridgelayer molds coming along?

Thank you . The bridge layer is making progress . Just a few adjustments to make .

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Thank you for noticing the adjustments made in the photography arena.
I try to take all feedback and apply it in the effort to improve the experience for customers.

I was just to your site and looked at all of your items. Everything looks absolutely great to me anyway. The prices also appear competitive with other resin offerings on the market. Of course if your purchasing from another country then exchange rates affect prices but anything you buy inside your country will have had the prices already adjusted. Some items I’ve purchased recently have been north of $60.00 Canadian so I don’t understand any complaints there either.

To me it comes down to wether you want the subject matter or not and if you do you will pay to get whatever you want. Not everyone has the skill or time to build your own background stuff.

I have bookmarked your site and signed up for emails. It’s nice to see more options available to Modeler’s. Keep up the great work!!!


@Succubus .
Thank you for the positive response.