New Jagdtiger 2 in 1 from Takom | Armorama™

Takom offers images of their upcoming 1/35 scale release.

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Wasn’t the Jadgtiger with 88 a fanboy wet dream, since debunked? And, what’s in the box on the rear deck of the Jadgtiger, please? Not seen this before… Ta

Yes, it was. Think it was proposed - and none were ever actually built. I’ll give this one a pass.

That’s the proposed crew sauna… :hotsprings: They saw such little combat, they figured what the heck…


Another Jagdtiger with a box on the back… Uhmmmmm no thanks … Do some really wanted kits instead !!

I built a 1/35 Jagdtiger with the 88 conversion many years ago. Along with many Henschel and Porsche 128mm kits. I remember reading info about the proposed 88mm Jagdtiger and have checked the “Bible” Jagdtiger Operational History by Andrew Devey (book 2) pages 276-277 “On 29 April 1945 Tank deliveries from 15 April “4 128mm Jagdtigers”. “Expected deliveries by end of April are “4 88mm Jagdtigers” “The new batch of Jagdtigers stood outside the factory ‘Nibelungen Werk’ This batch were fitted with the 88mm gun. Author Note: “To-date my attempts to obtain photographic proof of the 88mm from German or Russian sources has proven fruitless.” Cheers.

The box shown on the engine deck is due the the length and recoil of the what-if L/66 over the correct L/55 gun. Cheers.

There were only ever about 88 quantity Jagdtigers ever produced (not sure if that includes or excludes the 8 variants @PeterH mentions).

Seems Takom has got all the options well and truly covered, as this is their 3rd 35th scale Jagdtiger kit!

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Yes sounds correct, I did see in the book that the units equipped with the 88mm did not have range finding added so unlikely to ever have seen action. Cheers.